Orchard supermarket logo


A branding concept for a supermarket

It's amazing the world we live in, with a few taps we can have something delivered to our door with in hours. Plenty of people are passionate about food, and yet in modern times convenience has risen at the expense of quality.

I designed a branding concept for a supermarket which aimed to place the focus back on the customer. Hopefully encouraging people to explore, experiment and enjoy the supermarket shopping experience once again.

Sewing the seeds

Before even starting to look at ideas for a logo it was important to establish a strong foundation for the brand. One technique used was to define drivers—words which encapsulate the brand.

Drivers help enormously to shape the initial direction, though they remain useful down the track, ensuring the brand speaks with a consistent voice.

I settled on the following 3 drivers:

1. Life

Nature, breathe, natural, energy, relax, enjoy

2. Connect

To be associated, community, personal, feel like a part of

3. Original

New, fresh, inventive, fresh, fertile, inspiring

Growing the Brand

Once the drivers were established work started on the concept which fitted back into the original vision. One idea really resonated, Orchard.

Beyond the obvious connections between supermarkets and orchards, such as the rows and how we select the produce, fruit picking really is an enjoyable and rewarding experience—something we were keen to capture.

Obvious connections between orchards and supermarkets such as the rows and how we select produce

Pruning the edges

Branding presents a great opportunity to look at things from an interesting perspective—sometimes that needs to be taken literally.

The idea for the logo came from taking something conventional, such as a tree, and looking at it from an unconventional angle, such as from above. The result was a bird's eye view of a tree, nicely reflecting the 'O' shape from Orchard.

Starting the design in black ensures it's balanced and ensures the concept isn't reliant on embellishments. Once happy I looked towards introducing colour.

Orchard logo is a birds eye view of a tree

Throughout the research phase I’d collected a bunch of related imagery. I chose a few and literally picked the colours straight from the images. They were then matched to their closest Pantone equivalents.


Bodini SvtyTwo ITC was chosen as the primary typeface—with the ball terminals, it almost looks as though the type itself is bearing fruit. Century gothic was chosen as the complimentary typeface.

Preview of the primary typeface Bodoni showing the ball terminals

Bringing it all together

Once all the elements had been decided on, it was time to bring them together. Similar to other stages I initially constructed the mark in a single colour to ensure it felt balanced. Colour was then reapplied resulting in the final logo.

The final Orchard supermarket logo

That's it for this project…

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