Markd. A Bookmarking Concept.

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The standard bookmarking tool built into most modern browsers works great for the most part—you save things in, and when required, you get them back out. Unfortunately it's not long before you start to encounter limitations.

Turns out I'm not the only one who noticed. There are a plethora of alternative options available, though none seem to hit the mark. When I think of a seamless bookmarking experience—a few things came to mind:

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The way it should've been all along

Tagging is a widely recognised convention and yet is still not utilised by browsers for bookmarking. We've seen how well it works on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for archiving and uncovering content, so it seems an obvious addition. Tags negate the need for the standard filing system and aid search result rankings.

Discover. Again.

For when search can’t find what you’re looking for

There are times text search just isn't the best approach. With humans being visual creatures the obvious fix is screenshots—just another way to increase the changes of get exactly what you were looking for.

The bookmark interface in Markd

These are by no means revolutionary ideas, though with some work I think they could provide substantial improvements to the current state of bookmarking. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Google is perfectly positioned to implement such a concept—they have the browser, the search engine and they even a bookmarking app (misses the mark unfortunately). As a bonus Google products tend to work great across platforms and devices meaning you can get what you want whenever and wherever you want.

This is for now just a quick concept. Though I'd love to hear your thoughts.

That's it for this project…

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