Beach General

Branding and online store for a local surf shop

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Growing up around the beach I was excited about the opportunity to work with a local surf shop. I started working with Beach General on their branding then moved to the design and development their online store.

Shaping the Brand

Founded in 1983 there’s a huge amount of history with the store. This along with the culture surrounding surfing was something we were keen to capture.

The idea for the logo came from two icons of surf culture. The first being the vintage logos found on the boards and the second the Kombi. We were interested in keeping the symmetrical flowing lines from the logos but approached from a more modern angle—much like a restored Kombi.

Bringing them Online

The Beach General online store was a huge undertaking. I took part in all areas of the process—from design and development right through to product photography.

We needed to create a site which they could continue to update and manage down the track. Wordpress was a natural choice—it provided the level of control we were after whilst providing a user-friendly experience.

The site was designed to make the shopping experience beautiful, placing the focus right where it should be—on the products. Visit

Beach General website as viewed on an iPhone

It’s responsive, touch, retina and every other buzzword enabled. In other words, it works well wherever you see it.

Beach General website as view on a web browser

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