I set a goal at the start of the year to travel somewhere new and with the last part of the year quickly rolling around I had plan something soon. America has always been a place I wanted to see so a few weeks later I was on my way…

I spent the first week in SOMA wondering about downtown and eventually making it over towards the Mission District and up to Twin Peaks. When they say San Francisco is known for it’s hills they weren’t joking

Turns out a picked an interesting week to head over. The start of the week the Giants won the World Series—the city basically turned into a riot zone—and the later half of the week was all about Halloween—that went on for days.

After San Francisco I caught a red-eye over to New York. I found the best way to see the city was by Citi bike. Although a little hairy at times, the bikes were quick and gave you a good chance to see the city.

That rainy afternoon shooting the Brooklyn Bridge turned out be costly. Some water must have seeped into my camera rendering the shutter button useless. With a bit of duct tape I managed to MacGyver my cable release onto the camera and I was back on my way.

After the week in New York I spent the final few days back in SF up around Pacific Heights. This gave me a chance to see the top half of the city. I'd highly recommend the bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and up to Sausalito.